Welcome to MoDAD

The Mobile Damage Assessment Device, or MoDAD, provides an efficient data collection tool when communities need it most – after natural disasters like storms and floods. MoDAD  works with a web-based reporting dashboard to locate and identify damage to public and private property in real time.  Its simple form allows users to quickly collect critical information, including photos, that can be shared with other agencies and organizations. MoDAD replaces the antiquated collection and reporting methods used by most organizations with an efficient system that provides faster and more accurate responses to disasters.

Here’s a video demonstration.


Photo capture

GPS Locator

Damage Assessment Intake Form, designed to capture and store the following:

  • User ID (required for activation)
  • Incident type (text entry)
  • Street number (text entry)
  • Street name (text entry)
  • Subdivision (text entry)
  • Lot number (text entry)
  • Block number (text entry)
  • Damage category – pull-down menu
  • Debris present  (yes/no) – pull-down menu
  • Flooding observed (yes/no) – pull-down menu
  • Fallen traffic signals (yes/no) – pull-down menu
  • Fallen trees (yes/no) – pull-down menu
  • Comments (text entry)
  • Photos (captured via phone camera)

NOTE: This application is designed for emergency response organizations and requires the user’s device to be assigned to an organization before information can be entered.

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